Company Profile

Dock and deck accessories that add convenience, space & enjoyment to your leisure time!

The mission of Dock Sides Accessories, LLC, is to provide solutions that enhance the leisure time spent on the dock or deck and produce quality products that will offer many years of enjoyment.

Dock Sides Accessories, LLC, was formally founded in September of 2009, near Green Bay, WI. Tim Vils, the owner and founder, has been involved in boating since the early 1970’s and has logged considerable hours on both docks and decks.

Seeking a solution to the challenges that have plagued dock and deck users alike, namely lack of space and ease of deploying accessories, Tim utilized his design and manufacturing background to come up with a new concept. After developing a unique accessory mounting system, Tim designed and deployed a number of components for his own dock and deck. With the encouragement of those who experienced using these components, Tim decided to share this unique system with fellow dock and deck owners. And hence, Dock Sides Accessories was born.

The Dock Sides product line consists of a receiver component which is mounted permanently to the dock or deck and a series of mounting attachments which can be quickly attached to and removed from the receiver. The mounting attachments will provide easy mounting for a growing number of dock and deck accessories.

The Dock Sides receiver component mounts to the underside of the dock or deck and is completely out of the way and nearly invisible when Dock Sides attachments are not in use. Since the Dock Sides system mounts under the dock or deck, and the attachments are mounted off the side of the dock, no valuable dock or deck space needs to be taken up by the accessories. The Dock Sides system eliminates on dock clutter which enhances dock safety. Since the Dock Sides system mounts under and flush with the side of the dock, there are no sharp brackets protruding to get in the way of boat docking, swimming, or other activities when Dock Sides attachments are not in use.

The Dock Sides product line continues to evolve and grow, with several new product ideas in development, along with continuous enhancement of existing products. We always welcome input from fellow dock and deck users for ways to enhance our existing products or provide new accessory solutions.

Dock Sides also partners with a number of industry leading accessory manufacturers. Dock Sides provides mounting solutions for these products, allowing you to easily mount these accessories to your dock or deck. For your convenience, Dock Sides sells these OEM products on the Dock Sides online store to provide a complete solution.

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