Dock Safety

Nothing can end an enjoyable day of leisure quicker than a trip to the emergency room.  And eliminating hazardous environments is a key step to avoiding that emergency room visit.  This is even more critical in public dock areas, like parks and marinas, where accidents can also result in costly law suits.

Docks are a wonderful place to spend many hours enjoying summer and the beauty of nature.  However, their narrow walkways sometimes wet and slippery surfaces and absence of railings creates a somewhat perilous environment and source of many personal injuries.  Add to this environment a good dose of clutter and you significantly increase the chance of mishap.

Clutter on docks is very common due to the limited space and lack of acceptable storage solutions. Water skis, wake boards, tubes, tow ropes, life jackets, kayaks, canoes, paddles, fishing poles, tackle boxes, chairs, coolers, tables, grills, umbrellas, etc. are all frequently found strewn about the surface of our docks.  And trying to navigate an already narrow walkway becomes a great deal more challenging and dangerous.

So, what’s the solution?

Building larger, wider docks is not allowed due to DNR and/or lake association restrictions.

Placing a storage box on the dock surface may help, but a large storage box will also take up space and reduce the width of the passable walkway.

Enter the Dock Sides Accessories product line.

The Dock Sides mounting system is designed to attach under the dock or deck, and the accessories are mounted off the side of the dock.  No valuable dock or deck space needs to be taken up by the accessories.  Since the Dock Sides system mounts under and flush with the side of the dock, there are no sharp brackets protruding to get in the way of boat docking, swimming, or other activities when Dock Sides attachments are not in use.

You essentially expand the size of your dock.  With the Dock Sides mounting system and accessories you can mount benches, umbrellas, tables, coolers, grills, canoes, kayaks, and even a large storage box without taking up any dock space.  You keep the dock surface free of clutter and safe for passage.

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