Today’s struggling economy, high gas prices, and even higher air fares make taking vacation trips a real challenge for most peoples’ budgets.  But the need to relax and unwind may be greater than ever due to higher job stress, longer days, and increased workloads.

So what’s the answer?

Many people are turning to finding their enjoyment and relaxation closer to home.  They are exploring overlooked local attractions and events, spending more time at vacation homes, or even finding pleasure and solitude in their own backyard, hence, the stay-cation.

If a stay-cation sounds like a good alternative for your next well deserved time off, there are a few things you may want to consider, especially if you are planning spending some of that time at home or at a vacation home.  Investing a few dollars to make your stay-cation environment a little more enjoyable will pay huge benefits, and not only during your time off, those enhancements will be there for you to enjoy throughout the season and for years to come.  So take some of that money you’re saving on a family trip to the Grand Canyon and purchase something the family will be able to enjoy during the stay-cation and beyond.

There are many possibilities depending upon your relaxation preferences and your budget.  You may find simple delight in a new fancy can koozie or splurge on a new pool, spa, motorcycle or boat.

Two areas that are natural spots to spend countless hours relaxing are decks and docks.  Investing in a new or enhancing your existing dock or deck can provide a substantial return in enjoyment received.  And don’t stop with just the dock or deck, it’s the way you accessorize that space that really creates an environment which will provide a lot of fun with minimal effort.  Chairs, benches, tables, grills, bars, audio systems, umbrellas, storage boxes, etc. can all add to the experience.  However, space is usually limited on most decks and even more so on docks, so adding these accessories in a way that enhances the usability of the space without causing congestion can be challenging.

Dock Sides to the rescue!

Dock Sides Accessories provides a line of dock and deck accessories that are guaranteed to enhance your outdoor experience and environment.  For a small investment, you can transform your dock or deck from a place to grill or tie up the boat to an enjoyable living space for relaxing, gathering with family and friends, and entertaining.

Thinking of adding some water toys to your stay-cation plans – canoe, kayak, paddle board, PWC?  Dock Sides also provides unique storage solutions that will keep the toys neatly and securely stowed and easily deployed when you want to use them.

And best of all, the Dock Sides accessories are designed to optimize your dock and deck space by mounting off the side and not taking up valuable surface area.

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